Commercial and Domestic Use of Gabion Baskets

Commercial and Domestic Use of Gabion Baskets

Posted on: November 7th, 2017

Gabion baskets can be used for multiple reasons ranging from the stabilization of earth movement river control, reservoirs, landscaping, canal refurbishment, and retaining walls. They can be produced out of woven wire or welded mesh. Welded mesh gabions are prone to erect faster and do not need tensioning. This allows gabions to keep their shape, to be free from bulges and depressions and fit smoothly against the wall. You can also cut and make small holes in them if needed to pass pipes etc. through and they can be machine filled.

Gabion baskets are flexible to be molded into any shape and form that’s why they can be customized and fabricated for many uses.

Gabion boxes can be transformed in to soften edges. If used for a seating areas slabs can be cut and placed on top of the wall to make a terrific feature. When used for a landscaping purpose their durability and uses can only be limited by human imagination. For instance, wine bottles have been incorporated as an infill, or a modern trend is to half with timber logs and half fill with stones. FMM can insert a partition at the front of the gabions so that precious stone can be used at the front while the rest of the gabion can be filled with lower quality aggregate.

For domestic uses, welded wire mesh gabion boxes can significantly develop your back garden, by replacing away an old wall and placing a smart gabion wall. Gabions are easy enough to fix that no former experience is necessary to get a good result.

Gabions, when used for coating, can give an appealing finish to walls, buildings and many other situations gabions have now become an essential and widely used material for buildings and the construction of thin walls.

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