Copper Wire Manufacturing for Industrial Applications

Copper Wire Manufacturing for Industrial Applications

Posted on: February 21st, 2018

We all know that copper wire mesh is the most sought after product used in industrial and engineering world! But the thing is, copper wire is the central core which then emerged into multiple forms.

The credit goes to its versatility and flexibility of copper wire which has made it successful to retained its position in the industrial world. The copper wire are expanded into more than 50 different types which need an elaborate classification.

Each type of copper wire has its own set of applications, but what makes them highly notable is, their finishing and insulation that meet the required safety guidelines.

Do you know what is the purpose of manufacturing copper wires for industrial application?

Well, they are built to withstand heavy stress and strain, besides resisting any effect of corrosion when exposed to alkali, acids, moisture, or hydrocarbons.

Each type of copper wire is manufactured using the most advanced engineered technology that combines the best of sciences including metallurgy, mining, and material physics.

Manufacturing of Copper Wires

All copper wires are made utilizing a perplexing arrangement of procedures, the assembling procedure includes the accompanying advances;

1 Wire drawing

The molten copper metal is reduced to air circular wires with diameters ranging from a few millimeters to inches. The wire drawing process is done by extruding the copper rod through a series of synthetic dies, mostly made of abrasive material like corundum and diamond.

2 Annealing

Annealing is a metallurgical process done using heat. It is done on the wires to enhance their ductility and other physical properties to make sure they are fit for all kinds of industrial applications.

The drawn copper wires are often found to be brittle and excessively rigid to be used for industrial purposes. Hence, wires are strengthened to give the bare and shielded copper wires a bit of flexibility.

3 Normalization

This process is implemented to improve the machinability of annealed copper wires and often follows other heat treatments.

4 Final annealing & Short cycle annealing

It is a short-term process that involves subsequent cooling after heating, and then again heating within a span of hours.


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