Drywall Joint Tape – Beneficial for Dry Wall Installation Projects

Drywall Joint Tape – Beneficial for Dry Wall Installation Projects

Posted on: January 26th, 2018

Planning something to repair your drywall project? Shouldnt I suggest you a tool that will help you speed up your drywall project? That helpful tool is self-adhesive drywall tape.

By using this drywall tube, you can shorten the drywall finishing process in a slight way. The use of self-adhesive tape is always beneficial for all kinds of drywall projects. Do you know how to use self-adhesive fiberglass drywall joint tape?self-adhesive fiberglass mesh

Things You Will Need

  • Screw gun
  • Drywall screws
  • Self-adhesive joint tape
  • Drywall sheets
  • Joint compound
  • Sandpaper and sanding pole
  • 6″, 8″, and 10″ spackle knives

Steps to use Self Adhesive Drywall tape

Step 1 Hang your drywall as you normally do, use drywall screws to secure the sheets to the studs. Now, run a single width of self-cement joint tape along each joint where the sheets knock into each other. Apply the tape easily and uniformly, and attempt to abstain from turning and batching.

Step 2 Put on a single layer of the joint compound directly on top of the tape using your 6-inch spackle knife. Make sure you apply joint compound in a very thin layer, around 1/8-inch.

Step 3 Do it again with the help of your 8-inch knife. This coat of spackle should be very thin, regardless of being slightly wider.

Step 4 Again, you have to repeat the third step, but this time with your 10-inch knife. Feather the joint compound away on this coat, from the tape; so that it gets diluter the more you move away from tape.

Step 5 Give your wall a day to get dry, at that point sand the joints gently until the point when they are smooth and even with whatever is left of the divider surface

A Pro Tip

If you are going to hang the drywall in a building with metal studs, then sheets should be hanged vertically. But, if the building for which youre working is constructed with wood studs, then hang the sheets in a horizontal way. Remember, the fewer cuts are required for hanging in this way. But wooden studs are not sufficiently secure to help this sort of drywall application.

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