Types of Building Materials Used in Construction

Types of Building Materials Used in Construction

Posted on: January 10th, 2018

When I used to watch labors constructing building or houses; I often used to wonder; what kind of material is used in this construction? How they do it so easily, and what is the procedure to start construction? After a few time, I realize why not shall I found the answer myself when the internet is there to answer my all queries.

So, finally I did a thorough research on the topic I have always been concerned about, and I am certain there would be many people who would like to know what type of materials are used in construction and making of buildings etc.

The Building material is something which is used for a construction purpose. It is composed of that materials or substances which are required for constructing building or houses such as; sand, wood, clay, rocks, steel wire etc. used in constructing buildings.

Types of Building Materials Used in Construction

  • Natural Building Materials

This type of building material fall into two categories;

The Natural material Natural building materials are unrefined materials, or they are slightly managed by industry, such as lumber or glass.

Synthetic material The materials are made in mechanical settings after human controls, for example, plastics and oil based paints. Both have their own employment.

  • PVC Fabric

Modern buildings are often made of flexible material for example; fabric membranes. The PVC fabric building material is supported by a system of steel cables or internal (air pressure.)

It further contains two well-known types; conical teepee and the circular yurt. It has been resuscitated as a noteworthy development strategy with the advancement of pliable design and engineered textures.

  • Mud & Clay

Mud and clay is another type of building material which is used to make different styles of buildings. The key factor is usually connected with the quality of the soil which is used. Using larger amount of clay means mean using the cob/adobe style, whereas, use using inferior soil is associated with sod building.

  • Rock

The rock is an exceptionally thick material so it gives a great deal of security as well, its fundamental disadvantage as a material is its weight and ungainliness. Its vitality thickness is additionally viewed as a major downside, as the stone is difficult to keep warm without utilizing a lot of warming assets.

  • Metal

Steel or metal is the most important and widely used building material. The variety of steel building materials such as stainless steel wire mesh, ducting steel wire, expanded wire mesh, and so on have been used in all building structures.

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