Diamond Mesh

Made of high and low-density polypropylene. The diamond mesh is designed for the manufacture in the fish industry of floating cages, fish farms, pond gates and grain drying. Its variety of uses has made our customers have the possibility to choose the one that best suits their needs.

This mesh is also ideal for delimiting gardens, grounds, construction areas or any event since it has the same use as the cyclonic mesh metal with the advantage that it does not rust. It is flexible, versatile, economical and safe, as it is easily installed and removed, smooth edges avoiding cuts. It has UV protection.

Due to its superior separation and channeling properties, Applications that use a diamond mesh configuration require a high level of performance testing. Our team of engineers has a long list of success stories supporting customers with stringent performance requirements.

In Hengte Wire Mesh, We understand that each project is different, and we adapt our technology to each situation. For detailed information about our products or questions about a product development project,  please contact our team.

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