Farm Garden And Agricultural

In Hengte Wire Mesh Product Co., Ltd we are dedicated to the manufacture of Farm Garden and agricultural meshes and Gabion Boxes. These meshes are made with fabrics of different consistencies. They are used for the protection of crops, greenhouses, and gardens. Among the agricultural meshes we offer you can find:

Shade mesh: They are made with high-density polyethylene fabrics. These fabrics are protected by pigments, which absorb or reflect light with UV additives, which increases its useful life with various uses in agriculture, not forgetting its primary function is to protect from sunlight those plants that do not directly resist it.

Anti-insect meshes: They offer solutions such as crop care, from climate control and plant health. They prevent the entry of whiteflies, aphids, and other small insects.

Anti-fouling meshes: These meshes allow air circulation inside the greenhouse or installation. Thanks to its narrow fabric, it avoids the entry of harmful pests into the greenhouse.

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