Fencing And Caging

Hengte Wire Mesh also offers the lighter mesh types, suitable for fencing large areas of land with resistant and economic fabrics.

Simple twist

The simple twist metal mesh, characterized by its diamond fabric, is an economical solution that integrates into all environments. It is the most traditional metal mesh of all our trellises and allows an effective answer for all types of enclosures.

It consists of a rhomboidal mesh woven with wire of a single twist, of different diameters. It is complemented by a wide range of posts and accessories.


The most traditional metal mesh, treated with the galvanizing system to prevent its oxidation


The same metallic mesh, but plasticized on the galvanized with a coating in polyvinyl chloride, which offers greater resistance to corrosion.

Compressed winding

Four cubic meters of conventional winding is converted with this method into a cubic meter of compacted metal mesh.

It saves costs in the storage, transportation and useful use of the rolls.

Resists impact deformation in transport.

It has a central tape of protection to facilitate the unwinding.

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