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Find One Of The Leading Gabion Boxes Manufacturers Of China Here!

HengTe Wire Mesh Product Co., Ltd is one of the superior Gabion Boxes manufacturers of China. We offer the complete range of gabion baskets with the variety of sizes for all applications. We strive to deliver all our local and international clients who are willing to buy Gabion Boxes China at the lowest prices and of high-quality.

Our clients have always found the product in the lengths, widths, and heights that they were looking for. To reinforce the gabion boxes, all edges of the structure must be cut with larger diameter wire.

Why purchase China Gabion Baskets from HengTe?

The best features about our gabion boxes China are its environmental compatibility, durability, simple construction, economy and value, and structural integrity. As one of the premium gabion boxes manufacturers of China, we understand the requirement our clients. You can find the wide variety of long-lasting gabion baskets at wholesale prices and worldwide shipping. We engineered Gabion baskets with high quality welded wire mesh.

The gabion baskets are made of heavy wire mesh that is shaped in hexagonal style. It is also called stone basket, steel gabion bags, steel gabion cage, steel gabion mattress etc. Gabion boxes China are widely used in several applications such as in controlling and guidance of water or flood, flood bench or accompaniment bench, prevention of rock breaking, water, and soil protection, bridge protection, reinforcement of soil structure, and protection technique of the coastal area.

As one of the biggest and top quality China Gabion Boxes manufacturers, we offer a complete catalog of gabion baskets at affordable prices and high-quality to everyone who comes to us. We are also experienced in manufacturing top quality gabion models, specific and adapted to your project. We offer tailor-made gabion and erosion control solutions in compliance with the new European regulations and standards.

HengTe Wire Mesh Product Co., Ltd holds the largest collection of China manufactured gabion boxes in stock made from high-quality steel wire which provides additional life in extremely aggressive environments. We are one of the top gabion boxes suppliers who manufacture, design and supply gabion baskets to its customer all over the world for various residential and commercial gabion applications.

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